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      *            Vision

To push the boundaries of discovery, transforms health care, advances medical education and creates hope for humanity.

      *            Mission

To meet the needs of a changing healthcare system through , nurses must be preparing nurses as clinicians who can apply current knowledge, effective skills,  expert transformative leadership for excellencies of nursing profession.

      *            Core Values

The core values of NLIN are:








      *            Goals

The major goals of NLIN are to:

         To promote the leadership in nursing profession and provide competent nurses to the communities.

         To provide quality nursing skills comparable to international standards.

         To collaborate with other nursing and non-nursing institutions for strengthening the teaching and learning process.

         To promote research culture among the students, faculty, staff, and management.


      *            Objectives

The objectives of the college are to:

         Function as an effective leader, role model, and advocate for clients in clinical practice and in education.

         Integrate knowledge of theory and research in advance nursing areas.

         Scientifically investigate issues relevant to advanced nursing education and nursing practice.

         Evaluate personal achievements, professional growth and excellence in practice.

         Create conductive teaching learning and working environment within the campus.

         Conduct open house meeting for getting critical feedback for the bringing change in the campus environment.

         Emphasize the ethical, cultural and professional values.

         Create research culture so that students, faculty, staff, and management can utilize or participate in research studies.

         Arrange professional programs such as seminar, workshop, poster competition, and debate etc.

         Participation of students, faculty members to attend professional development programs / sessions in other nursing and non-nursing institutions.